Italian inspired coffees, French crepes and American grilled cheese sandwiches in a historic German town just North of Pittsburgh.

An adventure, a destination, an eclectic experience

Let's start at the beginning. You're bored, perhaps a bit sleepy, a cup of coffee is just what you need, but you want something good, better, different, expertly prepared, and perhaps some conversation, something pretty to look at, definitely instagram worthy. So you get in your car and drive 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh and just a mile off of I79 and you run into this really cute, out of the way little town, there are cabins and ghost signs, pretty houses and antique shops, and at the bottom of a gentle hill, a little coffee shop in an old building.


Have you ever walked into a place to find yourself pleasantly surprised by it, the pictures on the walls, the furniture and interesting decor. That is what you will find at Wunderbar, which means wonderful in German, a magical little shop that immediately takes you back to a different time and perhaps a happier place.

Then the menu, filled with delicious caffeinated concoctions, hot, iced, blended and all sorts of flavors. Hot chocolates, fruit smoothies and so much more. And then there's food, sweet and savory options, gluten free crepes and baked goods from the bakery right next door. So many to choose from. You find that one item that makes your mouth water and approach the register to place your order.

"What would you like?", you quickly realize this is one of the owners and that they are from the area. They proceed to prepare your order while conversing with you and before you know it, they're introducing you to a friendly neighbor, obviously a regular, who immediately strikes a conversation with you. Before you know it, your order is ready and it's different and amazing, just what you set out to find.

With a "thanks" to the owner and a "nice to meet you" to the now no longer stranger local, it's now time to go snap some pics of that old tombstone radio, while you sit by the big window where the sun is nice and as warm as your coffee or next to that long welcoming brick wall. What a great place to visit, what a great little adventure. Maybe next time you'll bring a friend.

How to define Wunderbar?

Wunderbar is not your run of the mill cafe, our focus is not only on what we sell, our products are just an excuse and a complement to the primary goal. Our main goal is to provide a fun and unique space where everyone is welcome to gather, connect and create relationships, for a moment or a lifetime. Where the collision of senses and caffeine fueled inspiration explode and splatter. An open minded destination where transcending concepts and ideas are explored in depth and shared with everyone to experience together and by themselves. A refuge from empty promises and meaningless stories. An escape from a suffocating environment full of pre-existing notions that condition us to be the soul-less product of our over commercialized world. A breathing, living, self sustaining space that is an embracing work of art in itself. A place we couldn't wait to return to.


This, is the wonder of Wunderbar.

Housed at The Center of Harmony

Wunderbar Coffee House is located inside The Center of Harmony, an 1800's opera house that serves as an events venue and also hosts a group of locally owned collaborating businesses who are focused on preserving the environment, strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives. It actively engages in the promotion of music, the arts, education and a better community for all. This is a place where positive, forward-thinking and dynamic people come together to thrive and grow.

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