Wunderbar expanding this summer


Last January Wunderbar turned four and it's time for yet another modification to the coffee shop. We've learned quite a bit from the current space and there are a lot of things that are no longer flowing smoothly. The addition of the crepes created a change in how people flow in our shop and also how orders are placed and picked up.

To make things easier on everyone we decided to move into one space, instead of having the two split spaces we have now. The only way to do this was by moving everything to the larger side, which is the side with the hardwood floors where the crepes are made.

“There is nothing more constant than change”
— Heraclitus

In addition to moving our equipment, we will be tearing down a wall thats currently behind the crepe maker, this will extend the space towards the back of the building and making it easier to get to the shops in the back. The flow will be much easier for everyone and it'll feel like one unified space. Getting your order will be easier and faster with one pick up spot for both food and coffee instead of the two we have now. We will have one main door instead of two so that should make it less confusing.

Our kitchen will also be expanded to allow us to add more items to our menu that many of you have been asking for like sandwiches and wraps. We are revising all of our practices and processes to try to find ways to make them more efficient and we're even revamping our brand and website! If all goes as planned, we should get this started early in the summer, during which we'll be closed for a week. Please make sure to check our Facebook page for the exact dates.

Our current space, including the menu that a lot of people miss...

Our current space, including the menu that a lot of people miss...

But wait, theres more! Once we're moved over, the Two Fraus Bakery will be taking over our previous space! We will have similar hours and they will be offering cookies, breads, pretzels and more. So to the already amazing smell of coffee and bacon, add the aroma of delicious baked goods.

The look and feel will also be updated to look more modern to reduce distractions so many of our old trinkets will be up for sale, including our Tiffany style lamp shades, the train and the lab cabinets. If you're interested in any of the items in the shop just ask next time you're in.

Like our Tiffany style lamps? We have three for sale!

Like our Tiffany style lamps? We have three for sale!

There is much growth in this area so it's an exciting time for little Harmony and we want to accompany that growth and make the necessary adjustments to increase the quality and reduce the wait times.

As always we are really thankful for your support and look forward to making Wunderbar better for you!