Now serving specialty grilled cheese sandwiches.

These are not your mamas grilled cheese! Choose from ButterKäse, Asiago, Stelvio or Gruyere cheese to place between two crispy grilled pretzel bread slices. Want to add bacon? Tomato? Basil leaf? No problem. They even come with some soup to dip in! Choices are Tomato Basil or our Soup of the Day. You can get these for here or to go but no call-ins please.

ButterKäse Grilled Cheese
Pretzel bread and Butterkase cheese, a semi-soft cheese with a golden natural rind, very popular in Germany and Austria for its creamy texture, buttery like taste.

Stelvio Grilled Cheese
Pretzel bread and Stelvio cheese, soft and elastic with an intense aromatic flavor. It's made from cow's milk in the Stelvio Valley region of Italy.

Asiago Grilled Cheese
Pretzel bread and aged Asiago cheese, has a nutty, medium mild flavor. It's more mellow than many other aged cheeses and has a firm texture.

Gruyere Grilled Cheese
Pretzel bread and 6 month aged Gruyere cheese, intense nutty flavor, firm, crumbly texture and a natural rustic rind.

All Grilled Cheese Sandwiches cost $6 and we start serving them at 11am, same as our Soup of the Day.

Pretzel bread is baked locally by Two Fraus Bakery. Cheese provided by PennMac, Pittsburgh’s #1 Italian Food Import Store located in the heart of the Strip District.

Oh and you know we have breakfast, lunch and dessert crepes right? Have breakfast at Wunderbar on your day off!