Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

What an amazing year...

Thanks to your support we continue to grow and improve. 

  • During 2014 we got better coffees, including single origin and limited edition blends from Commonplace, Gimme!, La Prima and Kiva Han.
  • Isn't Lana amazing?
  • We started the cold brewed coffee and it has been an absolute hit this summer.
  • We improved our italian sodas by making our seltzer in house.
  • We remodeled and expanded into the space next to us creating a completely new and fresh look, with two welcoming and comfortable, completely different yet familiar spaces.
  • "Crepe Master" Seth joined us and started preparing healthy, gluten free, locally sourced buckwheat sweet and savory crepes adding delicious food to our menu.
  • We added a huge lit menu board that nobody sees, haha.
  • Single pour is taking off and customers are rediscovering coffee and learning how it can be as complex as wine.
  • We expanded our hours and opened on Sundays.
  • Our website has seen huge improvements and is even mobile ready.
  • We added retail shelves highlighting local crafters such as Wildflower Pottery, Kyle Houser, Paul Wegweiser, Sage & Piper, Josh Hassan and our walls are graced by Houston Christopherson's amazing art.
  • Musicians have taken the stage and bathed the space with their music.
  • Harmony saw the Inn open after so many struggles and is again one of the most awesome destinations in the area. Also the Sapienza building got remodeled and has come back to life. Each bringing not only excitement and positive energy but also quality people. 
  • And that's just the quick list.

2015 will see many more improvements. We plan to grow our menu and add online ordering with email notifications. Create more events. Expand our coffee selection. Offer home brewing tips, gear and much more. 

We are so grateful for every person that has walked through our door. We are so grateful for all the new friends. We are so proud to be in this community. We all make such a good team.

Let's raise our glasses and make a toast to our good fortune and providence. Just imagine how amazing 2015 is going to be...

Love, Friendship and Light.

The Wunderbar tribe.