Opening Sundays and Extending Hours

Sunday, December 7 will mark the beginning of our new schedule at Wunderbar. From that moment on, we will be open every Sunday from 9am-2pm and Monday-Saturday from 8am-6pm. Temporarily, WE WONT HAVE CREPES ON MONDAYS but we will still have all our coffees and baked goods.

This means if you work in the city during the week you'll be able to stop by after work or on Sundays you can come after church or after you wake up from that long night out partying. You could also come down the street after you have dinner at The Harmony Inn (or any of the other amazing restaurants in the area).

Changing to this new set of hours is a test to see if the area wants what we have to offer during those times. Some of our customers have been requesting this for a long time but our previous attempts had always failed as we need a lot of traffic to make it possible. Due to some changes in the area and the fact that we now have crepes, we are hopeful that this time it will be different and it will work, but we need your help. All you have to do, is come in and put us to work.

So come in for breakfast, after work, or after dinner for dessert, on a Sunday and let us know what you think. Fingers crossed!